Dimagi Crypto Mail   is the Next Generation Personal and Enterprise Encrypted, Private, Anonymous and Untraceable Email Solution.

End-to-End Encryption

Messages are stored on in encrypted format. They are also transmitted in encrypted format between server and user devices. Because data is encrypted at all steps, the risk of message interception is completely eliminated.

Truly Anonymous

No tracking or logging of personally identifiable information is possible. Unlike other services, since your data is with you and encrypted, there’s no tracking information, no record metadata, advertisements or any personally identifiable information.

Securely Communicate

Your Communication with Other Users using Any Provider is Secure as You are Sending Encrypted Communication via Symmetric Encryption. You can also Send Encrypted or Unencrypted Messages to Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and Others, just like a Regular Email.

Open Source Dimagi Cryptography

Time-tested and Trusted Encryption Algorithms such as Secure Implementations of AES, RSA, along with Open PGP. Furthermore, all of the Dimagi Cryptographic Libraries used are Open Source which has been thoroughly vetted by security experts from around the world.

Easy to Use

Dimagi Crypto Mail is a Comprehensive Security for Everyone with a Strong Emphasis on Usability. It is very easy to use. There is nothing to install, and no encryption keys to manage, if you can use Gmail, Thunderbird, or Outlook, you can use Dimagi Crypto Mail.

Hardware Level Security

Full Disk Encryption and Everything is stored either on Your Own Personal Devices or Our Extremely Secured and Decentralized Private Data-canters with Multiple Password Layers so Data Security is Preserved Even if Your Hardware is Seized.

Q: Suppose you are emailing 10 different files with 10 people each.  i.e. 1 unique file to 1 person each. You don’t want them to see what you shared with another person. Which email provides this service?

Ans: We offer you cloud based upload & download feature with fully encrypted 1 Tb to 8 Tb storage. The speed & features are better than Google.


Dimagi Crypto-Router   Hides Your Digital Footprints, Secures Your Internet Connection, Protects Your Right of Privacy, Prevents Criminal Organizations, Your ISP or Even Your Government to Spy on Your Digital Communications.

Increase Privacy and Security

Encrypts your Internet Connection to Protect Your Privacy and Secure Your Connection. Prevents Your ISP or Third-Party Snoops from Viewing Your Online Communications, Location and Browsing Activity.

Defeat Data Retention

Protects You against ISP and Government Imosed Data Retention Laws. Encrypts your Internet Connection to Protect Your Data and Privacy, and Stop Your Government from Spying on You.

Bypass Censorship

Escape Restrictive Censorship Imposed by ISPs, Governments, including the Great Firewall of China. Restore Your Access to a Free and Open Internet.
Access Geo-Blocked Content
Replaces Your IP Address with an Anonymous One. Choose from over 100 Countries and Browse as though You are Physically on that Location.

Improve Streaming Experience

Improves Your Speed, Access to Content and Security while Streaming Online. Achieve the Best Streaming Experience with Dimagi Crypto-Router.

Additional Features

Ultra Fast, Zero Logging, Strong Encryption, Become Untraceable, Pre-Configured Firewalls and Other Settings, No DNS or IP Leaks, Block Adware and Trackers.


Artificial Intelligence for Business


We provide professional services that can truly make a difference like Competitor Analysis. You can find out how your competitor is expanding online presence & antagonise your decisive strategy to capture larger share in the market.


We do data analysis of website traffic etc tons of work so that your business grows exponentially.

Elite Services


We have Government and Business consultation expertise for Promotion, Reputation, Political Campaign, and Infrastructure Building & Management. We offer Data Loss Protection from your employees & Laptop operators.


We provide extremely professional Marketing Services like Black Hat Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Viral Marketing and Website Traffic.

Employee Monitoring


We can help you with Employee Monitoring and Vulnerability Assessment. You can also find out which website was visited by your staff from his device & time spent on it.


You will know time spent by your staff for productive work and useless online surfing. Thus you will be saving money by increasing productivity & accountability.



Reputation Management


We provide services likes Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Result Page Management, Bad Links Removal and Social Media Take-downs. We are very careful about brand image.


We find social interactions by public regarding your brand & give response in zero time.


Our  Policies

We maintain absolute non-disclosure, secrecy, privacy, security and confidentiality and perpetually sign binding agreements guaranteeing the same amongst all parties.


We do as we preach, being an Information Security Company, we tend to make sure that no confidential information ever goes out wherever it is not meant to.


Why are we so amazing?


Dimagi is a leading Information Security Company with headquarters in New Delhi, the capital of India. Over the past decade we have grown into a Powerhouse Conglomerate


Digital Agency operating out of 3 countries, having served clients in these countries countries we proudly celebrate numerous success stories.



Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based proprietary Tools, Assets and Resources that are so powerful that they can only run on Powerful Data-centers,


Mainframes and Supercomputers and have been years in development, implementation, learning and improvement. They are being used for ancient services.



Premium Services

We additionally offer an elite set of premium tailor-made services to a selective top-tier patronage like Governments, Presidential and Prime Minister Offices, Politicians and Major Political Parties, massive and international companies, Celebrities and High Net-worth people.


Some of our super premium services, are only for the elite and a bit costly. It’s all because we trust Quality over Quantity, hence we serve very limited number of clients at a time guaranteeing that we always meet our clients expectations, over-deliver, before time and build success stories together.

A) Creativity:

1. Web Designing

2. Video Advertisement

3. Graphic Designing

B) Software Development

1. Mobile Apps, Software & IT Industry

2. Block Chain TechnologY.

C) For Business & HNI:

1. Competitor Analysis

2. Reputation Management

3. Analytics, AdWords, PPC & Adobe

4. Online Advertising

D) Security:

1. Employee Monitoring

2. Vulnerability Assessment

3. Security Consultancy


4. Cyber Crime Investigation

5. Data Security

6. Firewall & Malware Protection

Elite Services

Dimagi provides elite services and products to Governments, Presidential and Prime Minister Offices, Embassies, Bureaucrats, Politicians, MNCs, Celebrities and HNIs.

We’re a company of multiple assets distributed across the digital spectrum. Over time, we’ve evolved into a multi-project company that has multiple digital assets primarily in ecommerce and on-line education.