Black Hat Marketing + White Hat Marketing:

Black Hat Marketing involves hacking, tricking, exploiting, and manipulating the loopholes that exist within the Social Media and Search Engines to induce a lot of quicker and a lot of efficient results each in terms of Digital benchmark and reach which may be directly measured in numbers. It’s the undisputed truth that the Search Engines and Social Media Platform running on  algorithmic rule and a piece of code that is in no way human.

So, undisputedly Black Hat marketing, is feeding the Social Media and Search Media with the standard content that most closely fits their policies and criteria they’re trying to push and reciprocally they award these websites with a considerably higher ranking, higher indexing, greater traffic, better reach, more followers, higher ratings and in brief best results. Black Hat Marketing may be applied to most segments, to understand this please have a look below:

  • Black Hat SEO: gain higher rankings on search engine results (SERP)
  • Black Hat SMM: increase “likes” and sharing of your social media pages and profiles
  • Black Hat Affiliate Marketing: increase commissions for links
  • Black Hat Content optimization on Blogs and Forums: increase views so as to lift ad revenues.
  • Negative Content Removal: Removal of search and social media results and pages that are degrading or dangerous for your brand name
  • Miscellaneous: Increase Website Traffic and greater on-line Brand Reputation Management


Search Engine optimisation SEO:

Search Engine optimisation is the method of improving the visibility of  a Website or Blog in Search Engine Result Page (SERP) —often termed as “natural,” “organic,” or “earned” results. In general, the sooner (or higher ranking on the SERP), and more the website appears in the search Engine results page (SERP), more visitors  will come to the website. Hence more will be the chances of Business/Engagements. SEO could target completely different types visitors via specialized searches such as; image search,  video search, native search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.
Therefore SEO is necessary for your business.

  • Internet traffic is free:

    Traffic/People visiting your website is free since google doesn’t charge websites for organic visits. Plus there are other advantages which google provides to websites with higher organic traffic.

  • Importance of Ranking:

    This year research shows that about 90 % of all websites were found via search engines.

  • Role of Search Engines:

    96 % of net users begin their Website search through a search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL).

  • Effective Strategy:

    SEO permits you the power to decide ranking based upon keyword/phrases used by potential customers.

  • 376 Billion Search Results:

    In January 2020, over 17.5 billion searches were performed with 376 billion search results.

  • Bringing/Targeting Visitors & customers:

    Solid SEO and search friendly Web design will help bring visitors to your Website.

  • Consumer Perception:

    Consumer perception is that the higher a Web sites is ranked in a search engine better is the company.

What we can do for your Business Growth?

Local Business Marketing could be a crucial side for developing your business. For the business with multiple locations or the corporation seeking a lot of local customers; A standard approach to SEO won’t be enough; instead, promoting business by targeting local audience needs its own distinctive set of ways. If it is done properly, local on-line marketing + branding will +vely enhance the interaction with their community, increase client loyalty and secure higher conversion rates.

Local Search Engine Optimization (LSEO)

Implementing a local SEO campaign is one of the primary steps we take while launching a client’s digital marketing strategy. we make sure that the client’s web site is correctly and completely indexed by the important search engines that decide rankings, this involves submitting XML sitemap to platforms like Google Web-console.

Local Business Directory Listings

We additionally create business listings in varied on-line business directories like Yelp! and Google+ Local. These multiple steps will considerably boost a company’s local on-line presence. Our primary goal is to make every business visible + accessible and, although there is decline in popularity of physical phone book, an online business directory is currently the most effective methodology for achieving all such objectives.

Local PPC

Local Pay Per Click (PPC) is the quickest method to attract potential customers to your local business and convert them in to loyal recurring customers. Local PPC Ads are only shown to those people who are searching within a very Limited Geographic Area, mostly within 50 miles radios of your shop or office.

Hence you will simply get highly pointed & targeted traffic to your web site, these are those people who are ready to buy right now from you.. It’s damn effective, less costly & provides positive results.

Reputation Management:

Reputation Management refers to completely influencing general perception concerning a personal or organization in digital media and generating a powerful, credible and well-respected foundation by increasing visibility, rising positive sentiment, decreasing negative opinion, removing unflattering content, and increasing affirmative content.

Our professional team uses reverse search engine optimisation to mend/repair negative and unwanted online data/information concerning you or your business.

By partnering with our company, you’ve secured a positive and credible brand name. The Online Reputation Services that we offer concentrate on bridging the gap between what an organization or a person/celebrity perceives himself and the way others view it. These things includes:

  • Reputation Monitoring Techniques & , Policies.
  • Search Protection Review Management.
  • Damage Repair.
  • Branding on Social Media.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social Media selling may be a powerful tool of communication, since it permits corporations to meet their customers wherever they are, whereas additionally characterizing their brands and increasing their client base. If done properly, social media selling may also increase the efficaciousness of other selling techniques – such as SEO and SEM. SMM helps to build natural links, it drives traffic, it increases awareness about brand (recognition) and goodwill. If you’ve been struggling with social media strategy, management, or advertising; we will facilitate you with best strategies according to SM-Algorithms.

Social Media Strategy Development:
We provide a range of high-value social media services. We assist you to achieve tangible results from our social media activities.

Social Media Content Creation:
We provide a range of social media writing and posting services to assist you directly or indirectly market your offerings through on-line social media.

Social Media Advertising Management:
Our social media advertising services have given tried & tested results to accelerate growth. By advertising through social media, 100% of our clients have achieved results.

Website Traffic

Website Traffic refers to internet users WHO visit a website. This traffic is measured in visits, typically referred to as “sessions,” And could be a common way to measure an online business effectiveness at attracting an audience. Business Analysts no longer just ask “how many people visited?” There are more — important Key Performing Indicators (KPI) to find out, such as:

How long did users stay?

Bringing in vast amounts of traffic is senseless if users leave after few seconds. KPI such as bounce rate and time spent on website paint an image of how users behave. By utilizing this data we can leverage selling strategies.

What percentage of users made a purchase?

For a web business to flourish, it requires an oversized audience. However, to get sales; it also must to be the correct audience. Conversion rate is the percentage of users who buy product. This shows whether or not an eCommerce store is effectively marketing their product/services.

How much does it cost to bring in a visitor?

Some internet traffic is free, however several on-line stores require paid traffic — like PPC or affiliates — to support and grow their business. Cost of Acquiring Customers (CAC) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) are the 2 most significant eCommerce metrics. Once balanced with AOV (Average Order Value) and Customer Lifespan Value (CLV), a business will assess and change its budget as necessary.

Competitor Analysis:

Competitor Analysis is a process to identify your competitors and evaluate their strategies. Here we evaluate their strengths and weaknesses & compare them with your own product or service. Competitive analysis is a critical part of your company marketing plan. With this analysis, you’ll be able to establish factors that makes your product/service distinctive. We find attributes you play up to reach your target market. We use numerous Intelligence Gathering, data mining, Deep Data Analytics, Black Hat Tools, Artificial Intelligence, Counter Due Diligence etc to get the correct answers for the vital queries just like the ones below:

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What products or services do they sell?
  • What are their past strategies?
  • What are their current strategies?
  • What is each competitor’s market share?
  • What type of media are used to market their products or services?
  • What are each competitor’s strengths and weaknesses?
  • What potential threats do your competitors pose?
  • What potential opportunities do they make available for you?
  • etc.

Reputation Management


We provide services likes Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Result Page Management, Bad Links Removal and Social Media Take-downs. We are very careful about brand image.


We find social interactions by public regarding your brand & give response in zero time.


Our  Policies


We maintain absolute non-disclosure, secrecy, privacy, security and confidentiality and perpetually sign binding agreements guaranteeing the same amongst all parties.


We do as we preach, being an Information Security Company, we tend to make sure that no confidential information ever goes out wherever it is not meant to.


Why are we so amazing?


Dimagi is a leading Information Security Company with headquarters in New Delhi, the capital of India. Over the past decade we have grown into a Powerhouse Conglomerate


Digital Agency operating out of 3 countries, having served clients in these countries countries we proudly celebrate numerous success stories.

Artificial Intelligence for Business


We provide professional services that can truly make a difference like Competitor Analysis. You can find out how your competitor is expanding online presence & antagonise your decisive strategy to capture larger share in the market.


We do data analysis of website traffic etc tons of work so that your business grows exponentially.

Elite Services


We have Government and Business consultation expertise for Promotion, Reputation, Political Campaign, and Infrastructure Building & Management. We offer Data Loss Protection from your employees & Laptop operators.


We provide extremely professional Marketing Services like Black Hat Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Viral Marketing and Website Traffic.

Employee Monitoring


We can help you with Employee Monitoring and Vulnerability Assessment. You can also find out which website was visited by your staff from his device & time spent on it.


You will know time spent by your staff for productive work and useless online surfing. Thus you will be saving money by increasing productivity & accountability.





Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based proprietary Tools, Assets and Resources that are so powerful that they can only run on Powerful Data-centers,


Mainframes and Supercomputers and have been years in development, implementation, learning and improvement. They are being used for ancient services.



Premium Services

We additionally offer an elite set of premium tailor-made services to a selective top-tier patronage like Governments, Presidential and Prime Minister Offices, Politicians and Major Political Parties, massive and international companies, Celebrities and High Net-worth people.


Some of our super premium services, are only for the elite and a bit costly. It’s all because we trust Quality over Quantity, hence we serve very limited number of clients at a time guaranteeing that we always meet our clients expectations, over-deliver, before time and build success stories together.

A) Creativity:

1. Web Designing

2. Video Advertisement

3. Graphic Designing

B) Software Development

1. Mobile Apps, Software & IT Industry

2. Block Chain TechnologY.

C) For Business & HNI:

1. Competitor Analysis

2. Reputation Management

3. Analytics, AdWords, PPC & Adobe

4. Online Advertising

D) Security:

1. Employee Monitoring

2. Vulnerability Assessment

3. Security Consultancy


4. Cyber Crime Investigation

5. Data Security

6. Firewall & Malware Protection

Elite Services

Dimagi provides elite services and products to Governments, Presidential and Prime Minister Offices, Embassies, Bureaucrats, Politicians, MNCs, Celebrities and HNIs.

We’re a company of multiple assets distributed across the digital spectrum. Over time, we’ve evolved into a multi-project company that has multiple digital assets primarily in ecommerce and on-line education.